Istanbul Technical University (ITU) joins in on the FISU University World Cup 3×3 Basketball enthusiasm. Live from October 27 to October 29, the two first days of the competition will be played on Ayazağa Campus. University student-players from all around the world will compete to be crowned the FISU World Cup 3×3 Basketball champions. The final match will be held at Galataport on October 29, Türkiye’s Republic Day.

3×3 Basketball enthusiasm has gripped Istanbul Technical University in its 250th anniversary. Twenty four university teams from 18 countries from all continents will compete in FISU University World Cup 3×3 Basketball competition on ITU’s Ayazağa Campus on October 27-28. University students will experience cultural interaction as well as sports competition. The final match will be held by Beyoğlu Municipality at Galataport on October 29. Along with ITU, International University Sports Federation (FISU), Turkish University Sports Federation (TUSF), Beyoğlu Municipality, and Ministry of Youth and Sports are among the stakeholders of the competition.

ITU Rector, Prof. Dr. İsmail Koyuncu, addressed a keynote at the opening ceremony. He started his words by introducing ITU and mentioned ITU’s deep-rooted historical identity:  “We are honored to host you at our university for the FISU University World Cup 3×3 Basketball. I hope you will enjoy the weather and our beautiful campus. Istanbul Technical University is one of the oldest technical universities of the world and the first technical university of Türkiye. ITU is identified with the education of engineering and architecture. In 2023, the Republic of Türkiye will reach its 100th anniversary and we will be celebrating the 250th anniversary of Istanbul Technical University.”

Prof. Dr. Koyuncu added: “3×3 basketball is a dynamic and sustainable game. We are pleased to host the competitions for the University World Cup of this young and rapidly popularizing sport in our 250th anniversary. It is expected that the competition will be followed by more than 100 thousand viewers on the internet. So, hopefully this championship will be a great opportunity for fair play and friendship.”

Marko Zunic, FISU Executive Committee member wished all athletes and participants the best of luck in their competition, and added: “If there is one thing to take away from my message to you today, it is that these FISU events are the best places for student-athletes from around the world to meet fellow students from the four corners of the globe and bring back with you good memories and new friendships.”

All matches will be aired live on for basketball and university sports fans all over the world who want to follow international university sports. who watch from all over the world. Click here for detailed information about the competitions to be held in Istanbul.